Best 5 Currency Converter Apps For Android

Currency converter Apps are not among the common mobile apps used by typical people. From a typical user perspective, there are times we need to look at the currency rates or we need to compare one currency to another. As the task is not anything we often need to get done, we simply rely on Google. Thus, we don’t really need to keep a currency converter app installed on our Smartphone or Tab.

But, for the people whose destination and location changes quite often, a good currency converter app is very beneficial. Up to date info about exchange rates of various countries, terminal economies are easily traceable using this kind of app. For Android users, fortunately, there are several apps for converting currency available in the Google Play Store.

Currency Converter Apps for Android

The currency Converter Apps for Android I am about to list out will be many benedictions for travellers while making travel expenses payments, making deals for a tour, foreign exchange, etc. There are local booths for exchanging money available; however, sometimes you need to make an advanced plan before going t such spot. In such cases, Currency Converter Apps play a big role of an expert.

1: Easy Currency Converter

This is a very good currency converter with more than 180 currencies. Real-time live exchange rates are also provided in the app. This app works offline so no issues if your internet connectivity is not stable at a certain time or place. You can also setup a personal currency list that can be useful taking a quick glance at the important currencies whenever you need. You may convert multiple currencies at once using the Easy Currency Converter App.

2: Currency Converter by Designer Calculators

Another one of the best Currency converter apps for Android, this app is real good at calculating currency rate, exchange rate, etc. Using the app, a user may convert up to 15 foreign currencies at the same time with ease. There is an exchange rate list where you may have a quick glance. Also, there is a historic data graph that is useful in comparing the currency rates with current and past. The currency converter app for Android runs seamlessly on both the Android Smartphone and Tab. The app also works file while offline. You may add any new currency if it not listed in the exchange rate lists.

3: All Currency Converter by SmartWho

This is also one of the most reliable currency converter apps for Android that is a master in converting over 162 currency of all over the world. Not only for converting specific currencies, but it is a beneficial app for people engaged with Forex and other commodities trading such as silver, gold, etc. Using the app multiple currencies can be converted at once. You may create your own exchange rate list that is useful for you thus you may have a quick glance on the real-time rates of your required currencies. You may also stay up to date with the currency news and web searches through the app.

4: Currency Converter Free by Julien MILLAU

Over 170 currencies are available to convert in the app with the ost accurate calculation and result. The every new currency update is done regularly and saved for offline calculation. Thus, even you don’t have internet connection for a certain period of time; the offline currency conversion result is always as accurate as the real-time. No roaming fees are charged while using offline conversion and for online, it supports bitcoin. Multiple currencies can be converted at the same time with no issues. You may search and add a new currency to the list if it is required. In addition to that, historic graph for 1 day to 5 years is kept saved so you may have look at it anytime.

5: Currency Converter by Imploded Software

Another must have currency converter app for Android with simple user interface and accurate conversion result is created by Imploded Software. The app initially was available for Windows phones and now it is made available for Android users too. It does what is tends to without any extraneous complications.


So, these are the top most useful currency converter apps for Android I personally found very efficient among the 250 apps available in the Google Play Store. Every single currency converter apps in the list is free to download and are unique in their user interface. All of them are convenient in converting maximum number of currency from around the world. It’s up to you which app suits your style the best.

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